Enchanter I, 1990 Transworld Fantail 50, Hull # 6

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Enchanter I - 1990 Transworld Fantail 50 Hull # 6

Enchanter I is the only Canadian Fantail out of nine imported into the US from the renowned Transworld shipyard in Taiwan. This very economical trawler features a wonderful blend of tradition as well as practicality. A fuel burn of 25 gals a "Day" is sure to please the most frugal yachtsman. Insulation and soundproofing is excellent.  Oversized 15 kW generator handles all needs with ease and quiet. The fantail was designed to be a beautiful, and efficient cruising yacht, her hull is very easily driven. There is 3500 pounds of ballast in the keel which keeps the motion gentle and gives a righting moment past 120 angle of heel. The standard finish of the Fantail is one of the highest in the industry. The thought that went into her design is obvious to the discerning yachtsman.

Enchanter I is equipped for long range cruising with comfort, safety, and economy in a well kept package. With a cruising speed of 7.5 knots, with Ford Lehman diesel 135 hp engine, Enchanter I consumes 2,5 gallons of fuel per hour. She carries 530 US gallons of fuel, 220 US gallons of water.


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